About This Podcast

Hi, I’m Neil Cowling and like most people, I’m really into the music I grew up with – the soundtrack of my life you might say. I was born into a musical Essex family in the early 60s, and music was in my blood from day one. I do have some memories of the 60s but music for me really started with 70’s Glam Rock. The first record I bought was Mud’s Tiger Feet and when I saw Marc Bolan on Top of the Pops that was it. Thursday night was my church, I never missed it. 

Glam morphed into Punk and I was there. The Stranglers were my band, I saw them live countless times along with many of the bands at that time, too many to mention. And then it happened, Gary Numan 1979 appeared from nowhere with ‘Are Friends Electric’. I wanted to do what he was doing, I mean how hard could it be to play one of those new synthesiser things! So I did just that. I bought a synth and formed a band. We had some great songs and a good local following but couldn’t get a label to buy into us. I still have the rejection letters. Time passed and I learnt to play guitar also. 

Over the years I have had a best selling children’s book on Amazon, I’m the creator of Atlantic Surf Radio and more recently matureband.com, a website where mature musicians can meet to start or join a band. My Facebook Group Rockin’ At The 2i’s is a popular celebration of the legendary London Soho Coffee Bar and birthplace of British rock and roll and the popular music industry.  

One way or another I have spent my life connected to music. I have studied it, written it, recorded it, taught it, played it live and promoted it. The Story of Pop podcast is the next step in my journey.

I spend a lot of time finding the guests you hear. I research, produce and present each episode and it gives me a great deal of pleasure to share these stories and memories of pop with you. It’s fascinating stuff and I think makes for some easy, fun and very interesting listening.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I love creating it for you.

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